Clay Scoring System

Clay Score Tracker provides a clay scoring system which brings scores online to the Clay Pigeon Shooting community. We create software for clay events. We have calendars to promote clay shooting events for every country for free. If your country or discipline isn’t on our site let us know we will add it.

We provide an online clay scoring system which will handle an online score page. This provides shooters with their scores on all devices such as desktop and mobiles. We create a link just for the event so you can share the link on social media. Our online score board updates once a score has been added, shooters can then report if there score is incorrect straight away.

We do things differently then most clay scoring systems, shooters must register to our site in order to add their scores. This makes it easier for everyone involved because a shooter will have one unique number that can be used for any other Clay Score Tracker event. People adding the scores can find a shooter by country, name and Clay Score Tracker (CST) number. So shooters classes can be found quickly and shooters can report if their scores are incorrect, clubs can make contact straight away on queries of scores.

We have be doing this for two years now and we are allows going to be improving our service. We want to be at the forefront of the clay shooting community.

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